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Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

The "Konami Code" was introduced in a game called Gradius in 1985. I came across it during my time trying to conquer the NES game Contra. I probably found this cheat code around 1989, several years after it came out. This code allowed me to dominate many NES games. I considered myself lucky to come across a neighbor that had read about the code in a magazine. Many kids didn't see this code until the early 90's. If this code came out now, with the internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I would have found out about it within 45 minutes of it's release. We are living in a period of unprecedented access to information. If you know this code you are probably in the vicinity of my current age, 36. You are old enough to remember a time without the internet but young enough to take advantage of it. Us Gen X'ers have benefits that no other generation has had. We can research a topic on the internet within seconds (unlike the baby boomers) and write our observations in cursive (unlike the Gen Y'ers). We are in our 30's and 40's. It is our time. 2014 marks the handoff from the Baby Boomers to us. We are taking the reigns of companies and governments worldwide. We have the ability to make our mark. What will our generation leave for the texting generation behind us to marvel at. You are all a part of this now. What can you bring to the table? What change will you personally make? We have unprecedented knowledge, experience and access to information, but do we have the character?...the heart? I am hopeful for what we can accomplish. I believe that each of us have work that is near and dear to our heart that we are chasing.We have an example to set, history to make. We can do this people! Get to work.