Stay safe online

These Rules Help You Stay Safe online

1. Do not, under any circumstances give out ANY personal information online if the website is not secure or if you’re talking to an unknown person.

2. Do NOT cyber bully.

3. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or someone sends you or messages you something that makes you feel uncomfortable tell your parents immediately what’s going on and how that makes you feel.

4. Never agree to get together with someone that you “meet” online.

5. Talk to your parents before posting pictures of yourself online.

6. Do not Download ANYTHING from the internet if you haven’t asked a parent or guardian.

7. Always read a website privacy policy and before giving them any personal information.

8. Don’t place sensitive information on your social media profiles.

9. Make sure that you have anti-virus software installed on your computer and it is updated regularly.

10. Keep computers and their usage in public areas.

If you follow these rules and they will keep you safe online. They will also keep your computer safe from anything that tries to harm it virtually.  Rules always keep you away from anything that's adverse or bad. Its important to use rules on the internet because there are many harmful things on the internet, people, websites, etc.. These people/things are not good, there are many things that are very awful about the people/things, of course some are good but some will still not be. So it's important to stay safe online, because staying safe online will also keep you safe online!