Tackk the Communication Piece

About the Presenter

David Lockhart

- Was a Teacher for 10 years

- Education Technology Specialist with Kennesaw State Iteach Center

- Married with 3 Kids

- Website edtechspeeddating.com and bigguyinabowtie.com

- Twitter: @bigguyinabowtie

The Goal of this Session

To Use Tackk as Your Communication Piece

So What is Tackk?

- Easy to build, and Easy to Share Simple Web Pages

- Also, has a communication feed built in to the program

- They are a Great Way to Communicate on Many Levels!

How Do I Build a Tackk?

Log In to Your Account…

Click the Pencil in the Top Right, and Pick a Template

On the Menu Bar, Just Click What you Want to Add

You Can Adjust its Placement on the Tackk by using the arrows

Tackk Sharing

Tackk has one button sharing to a load of places such as:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Edmodo, Redditt, Tumblr, StumbleUpon,Email, Web Embed

The Stream

In Tackk, you can create communication streams to communicate with groups and people

Similar to a Text Message Group

Has Cool Features Like Timed Messages

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

News Letters

Build Out Your Class News Letters in Tackk

Can add lots of things to it

Can send it Out Easily by Email straight from Tackk

Can Also Add to Edmodo


Tackk’s are great ways to send out invitations

Tackk has apps where you can add RSVP’s and Maps

Please RSVP
0 people are going
Invite Friends
0 going1 maybe0 no
? massuri 2 years ago


Use Tackk as a way to give directions to events

Think Clubs and Sports, Could easily do a year worth of location maps

Web Pages

Tackk can be a great way to do webpages

You can either do them as single pages or you can add them to your own website using HTML Code

Video Walls

Use Tackk as a way to organize and view video

Could use it for projects or other items for the classroom

Takes almost any kind of video including Youtube, Vimeo, and Vine

Class Photo Wall

Could be a great way to display class photos

Could keep it private and easily add parents for younger kids pictures

Event Promo

Use Tackk to promote your school events

Can include everything you need for the event.

Could have things that have to do electronically like surveys

Project Collaboration

Have students use Tackk as a way to collaborate on projects

Parent Communication

Use Tackk as a way to communicate to a single parent

You can add all kinds of content to make what becomes a digital portfolio

Display Projects

Tackk Can Be a Great Way to Display Projects.

You can embed app smashing type tools like Thinglink easily into Tackk!


Tackk could be a great way to present projects

You could put the project requirements and process in a Tackk in order to communicate them


Use Tackk as a Full On Classroom Blog

You can easily share it in many ways which makes it a great avenue