Scientists Are Creating New, Incurable Diseases in Labs

Pretty much summarizes the stupidity of America

Rights and Concepts

-Lack of Rights

-Lack of Liberty

Essentials of the Story

        The swine flu was a big problem until the 1950s, in which it seemed to die out. 20 years later, the swine flu had not evolved, but still reappeared after a 20 year absence most likely due to a lab mistake. The swine flu does not pass easily from person to person, but in 1997, the virus somehow transferred from birds to humans, causing around 400 people to die worldwide. In late 2011, Dutch researchers have created a swine flu that is transmissible in air by jumping from ferrets. If it can jump from ferret to ferret by air, then humans are not far behind. As swine flu is already one of the most deadly viruses worldwide, creating the transmissible possibly to humans could end millions and maybe billions of lives.

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Ideals Related to the Story

        Lack of Rights is related to this story. The People would most likely not want to take any risk in accidentally releasing one of the most deadly viruses amongst the human population. Anyone who speaks up/protests about the scientific topic will simply be ignored and have the experiment continued. The safety of the People is being violated, even though the chance is a slim percentage, as it is still possible. As the story contains information about possibilities on the outcome when the virus spreads, it could infect millions or billions of people. No one has the right to be put into this possibility.

        Lack of Liberty is also related. It is very common when a scientist does not care for what others has to say, simply because they want to do their own experiment and find out what happens with no interruption. If someone were to intervene with the swine flu experiment, they would be ignored and silenced, since science is more important than the voice of the People. As certain scientific findings (such as cures, discoveries, solutions) may help the world, the process is not always safe. Little risks with high consequences are ignored because the finding will make it "worth it."

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