The Magician's Nephew
By: Nora. H

The Magician's Nephew is person vs. person and purity vs. evil. The main theme is trust, because without Digory trusting Aslan, Narnia might be destroyed.There are magic rings, fruit worlds, mythical creatures and lots of other magic.


The setting takes place in Narnia and in England. It also takes place in Charn.(Charn is the place where Jadis is queen, but is destroyed because the world comes to an end.)

Another place that is traveled to quite often is the wood between the world. To get there you can travel by magic rings. There are two types of the rings, one ring is green and one is yellow. The green ring takes you away from the wood. In the wood there are puddles. If one were to wear the green ring and jump into a puddle, it would take you into the puddle world they jumped into.The yellow ring brings you into the wood. If one were in England and you put on or touched the yellow ring, you would disappear and land at the bottom of the puddle in the wood between the world.When they reach the top of the puddle, you would not be soaking wet. If one didn't have the right ring and jumped into the puddle, they would become soaking wet.

When traveling the time varies from world to world.


Fun facts – the first book in the series, The Magician's Nephew is the second book written, Digory is the professor in the second book, once a world is destroyed, its puddle dries up.


Part of the time the story is told in third person by the author but the other part of the time, the story is told by the author in first-person.



The Magician's Nephew a story about a boy named Digory and a girl named Polly, who are neighbors in London. Digory lives with his uncle, a self-proclaimed magician, because Digory's mother is very sick. Uncle Andrew shows the children some rings with magical powers. After touching one of the YELLOW rings, Polly suddenly disappears. Digory grabs a YELLOW AND GREEN ring and goes after her.

Digory and Polly appear in a peaceful forest that makes them feel sleepy. The forest has several puddles that all look the same. They soon discover that the puddles are doors to other worlds, so they begin exploring the different puddles.

The children then find themselves in a crumbing world called Charn.

After Digory rings a magical bell, the Queen of Charn, Jadis awakens. They learn that Jadis is an evil witch. But as they leave the world, Jadis grabs them , traveling with them.

Jadis makes her way to London with the children and Jadis wants to rule the world. The children manage to transport Jadis back to another world, by grabbing her but accidently bring along Uncle Andrew, a cabby, and his horse. At first this new world is dark. But then they hear a song and stars begin to appear in the sky.

The source of the singing is a lion. As the lion approaches them slowly, Jadis panics and throws a lamp post at the lion's face. Seeing that the lion is not hurt, Jadis runs. The Lion’s name is Aslan and he is able to talk. Soon he makes other creatures appear out of the ground. He picks two animals from each group, giving them the power of speech.

Aslan notices the children and ask that Digory travels over a hills and mountains and rivers to retrieve a magical apple. Digory travels with Polly and a flying horse( the cabby's horse that aslan gave wings and speech). In the mountains the apple trees are protected by a gate. Digory is the only one who ventures through the gates. He picks an apple and is tempted to take a bite but resists even though it smells so amazing. There Digory finds Jadis, who has already eaten an apple herself, and continues to tempt him to eat it or to at least give it to his dying mother. And just as Digory is tempted, Jadis says that he could leave Polly behind. Digory refuses. The group returns to Aslan and Digory plants the apple in the muddy ground. Soon a young tree with apples grows. Aslan explains that the tree will protect Narnia from Jadis. The apples are silver from when Uncle Andrew's coins fell out of his pocket and became a tree with the other apple. Aslan told Digory that he is allowed to pick one apple for his sick mother. Aslan makes cabby and his wife King and Queen of Narnia while Digory, Polly, and Uncle Andrew return to London. Digory gives part of the magic apple to his mother, and she recovers. He buries the rest of the apple and the magic rings in a secret location in the backyard. Years later, Digory inherits a mansion in the country side. The magic rings and apple sprouts into a tree but it falls over in a storm. Digory builds a wardrobe out of the tree a puts it in his mansion.



Digory has to defeat the Witch in the new land of Narnia by resisting temptation and staying loyal to his friends. Polly and Digory are close friends who are neighbors and they must stick together as they encounter new obstacles in this world and others.



Digory Kirke; protagonist:







Polly Plummer; protagonist:







Aslan; protagonist; personification:



-founder of Narnia

-power to create talking trees, animals, and mythical creaters

-commands an entire army

Jadis; antagonist

-evil witch

-Queen of Charn



-wants to take over every world