Welcome to Madyatopa!

By Mady Schwettmann


The weather in my society is whenever it is summer it is not burning hot. In the winter it is not too cold to not live here. In order to live here you have to be awaire on how amazing this weather is going to be. The weather will not make you too hot or too cold.


In my society whenever you come you will have clothes ready for you when you walk in to your house. The clothes will be for the winter time. We will also provivde a washer and dryer for you needs. There will be your whole life supply of clothes waiting for you when you get to Madyatopa.


The govermment at Madyatopa will not be as strict as it was at your society. The govermment will be elected every other month to mkake sure that we have a good govermment. The govermment will let you pick who you want to marry or go out with not choice it for you.


The food at Madyatopa is the best food you have ever had. The chefs will make you whatever u want right then and there. The food will be ever where just make sure that u dont eat to much but whenever u want to you can.

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