The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Leo

Theme #1: Life and Dignity of the Human Person

The purpose of us being alive is to help one another. It is very common that we hurt each other instead of taking the time to resolve our problems in kind ways. We people sin, we should not hurt them, but teach them right

This organization helps to promote justice by providing our rights. We can learn how we all should be treated from this organization.

Theme #2: Call to Family, Community, and Participation

We all make up a part of a whole. When others are granted with achievements, instead of feeling envy towards them, we should feel good for them and appreciate them. We should make sure that we are all always treated fair, because we all deserve opportunities. We should make those above and below us fell cared for and helped.

This organization helps to promote justice by providing many other charity organizations that all go towards the needy. They all have creative ways to earn money for the needy.

Theme #3: Rights and Responsibilities

We all deserve a part of our whole; our community and race. We all need our parts; and we all deserve them. We have to make sure that we all receive these rights because everyone deserves to be treated equal.

This organization helps to promote justice by giving in this area in life by accepting donations for good causes. Some of these causes include working towards eliminating discrimination laws and taking action against ending violence.

Theme #4: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

We must realize and take into consideration how the lowest class among us is progressing. There is a major division between the rich and the poor. We need to lessen the division between us and set aside our differences if we want to reach equality.

This organization helps promote justice by accepting donations and giving them to the poor. They also set up thrift shops so the needy can afford clothes and other things.

Theme #5: The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

We all need to work to survive. Our work is our own way that we can engage in God's creation and plan for us. Many workers right now are desperate for work and will work for many hours for any amount of pay. The rights of these workers must be helped and aided, though. They must be working in safe and legal ways, paid at least minimum wage, and able to have the ability to supply feedback on there jobs, whether negative or positive.

This organization helps promote justice by providing the limits and rights for the factors of worker's rights. It also tells about rights for people who physically can't do work as well as others and solutions to their problems.

Theme #6: Solidarity

We are all the same, no matter what religion or race is etc. We must strive to have everyone be kind to and help everyone else and have everyone realize that we are all the same. We should all endlessly strive for a world of peace instead of war

This organization helps promote justice by sharing stories and ideas of acts of kindness that we should have in our everyday lives. It also lets you share your own stories so you can brighten someone else's day.

Theme #7: Care for God's Creation

We all entered this world so we could have opportunities to contribute to God's creation and plans for us by helping the other living things in this planet before ourselves. We must kindly exist alongside the other living things on the planet. We must care for life and respect it.

This organization helps promote justice by providing stories, poems, and many other helpful things. They can help kids learn about and grow their faith in God.