How To Find A Nursing Home IN Shanghai

What is the standtard of best nursing home in shanghai? Are you looking for the good nursing home in shanghai? Where have professional nursing home in shanghai.

First, CASCADE Healthcare by the United States endowment group emeritus senior living and the United States Senior pension and medical investors Columbia Pacific Management Co (CPM) hand in hand to create and is committed to China's pension industry development. For the elderly to provide comfortable family style living environment, taking into account the elderly to medical care and rehabilitation needs, establish a let the family worry, let old comfortable rehabilitation care agency. In Shanghai, the Xuhui international Xuhui garden is located in the Binjiang section of the plate ecological landscape, close to the total planning of nearly one hundred hectares of ecological park. Pleasant environment and attentive service for the elderly, such as home for the elderly to provide a general.

CASCADE Healthcare committed to providing professional, personalized, personalized, humane care, care, rehabilitation services for each of the elderly, to take care of philosophy established in the professional, respect, and enthusiasm of the core values. The core care model provides the full range of care for the elderly from three aspects of physical, psychological and social aspects. Here, rehabilitation therapists for the elderly to carry out targeted rehabilitation of medical services, so that the elderly get effective and caring treatment. Kay health rehabilitation physicians all hold formal professional licenses, and have working experience in hospital, not only with professional technology and rich experience, and Kay health will often invited foreign rehabilitation treatment industry experts to come to provide treatment for live support for the elderly, and Kay health rehabilitation teachers to teach technology. So as one of the most famous Chinese old people's home in the international deserve.

Based on in the United States and Asian pension and medical industry rich investment and management experience, CASCADE Healthcare will be the introduction of the most advanced of the current international pension and health care service to China, and strive to provide world-class pension and medical services for high-end crowd in China. The luxurious and elegant environment and professional and considerate service,CASCADE Healthcare led China's pension service industry into a new height, become Shanghai even China's most famousnuring home to the elderly.

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