All About ME And My Favorite Things



My  name is Emily Estrada

where were you born?

I was born in charlotte, North Carolina.

whats your place in your family?

I am the 2nd oldest child of the family out of 5 kids. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.


I have a pet dog his name is Alvin. And hes is a German Shepherd and is one year old.

Favorite color

I have 2 favorite color and they are hot pin and aqua blue.

Favorite Food

My favorite food is Mexican food. .

Favorite Desert

My favorite desert is  baked flan, churros, choclate coverd strawberrys, and

Favorite Candy Bar

My favorite candy bar is a snicker.

Favorite Soda Flavor

My favorite soda flavor is MTN DEW

favorite subject

My favorite subject is science because it is fun and because i like doing experiments.

favorite store in the mall

My favorite store in the mall is Forever 21, H&M, rue 21 and Charlotte Russe

Favorite sport

I dont have a favorite sport

Favorite professional sport

I dont have a favorite professional sport.

favorite televison show

My favorite

Favorite movie

My favorite movie is The Fault In Our Stars, The Chaperon, and The Interview

Favorite book

My favorite book is the mocking bird.

Favorite genre of music

Favorite video game or app

My favorite app is

Favorite animal

My favorite animal is a fish because it makes no noise and its and easy animal to take care of.

Favorite artist

My favorite artist is Prince Royce

Favorite hobby

My favorite hobby is sking, and roller skating

Favorite hot drink

My favorite hot drink is hot chocolate

Favorite cold drink

My  favorite cold drink is  sweet tea.

Favorite activity on a rainy day

My favorite activity to do on a rainy day is watch tv.

Do you believe in goal setting?

I do believe in goal setting.

Favorite activity at the beach

My favorite activity to do at the beach is go to family kingdom and play on the rides with my freinds and family.

Favorite vacation spot

My favorite vacation spot is Florida

If you could be anything that you wanted to be, what would it be?

If i could be anything i would be a nurse that helps children when there sick. And I would want to inspire them to do there best.

If you could travel anywhere were would it be?

I would travel to Hawaii.

Favorite Quote