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You know what they say, education is prevention. So let’s educate you all a little bit about the HIV virus that has been spreading wildly for the past decades. What does HIV stand for? HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a virus that causes a decease called AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome). What this decease does to your body is horrible. It alters the immune system, making you vulnerable to any other infections and deceases. Not a funny decease is it? But guess what? There is NO cure for HIV/AIDS. Once you get it, you are stuck with it, and you become contagious. If we stop the spreading, this decease may die. But how can we help?

There are multiple organizations around the world trying to raise awareness about this horrible situation. One of those organizations is called Canadian AIDS society. There is multiple ways to contribute to this organization. First, an easy way to contribute is to donate. The donations keep the organization a strong and independent national voice for all the people living with HIV. It will help them prevent and educate the young teenagers and young adults. Another way to contribute is to participate to the events that this organization organises. For example, there’s a walk for life that takes place every year sponsored by Scotia Bank. The funds raised will go directly to families living with HIV/AIDS. There’s also various other events that you can participate. But the best way to help this situation is to educate! Speak up people! We can’t stay silent in front of this. Educate your close friends, your family, and your children. We have to know, we have to act.

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Keenan Al-Sabek

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