The Sidney Trip

My experience & thoughts!

My Reflection

This year, my class took part in Green Connections, a program that connects Upstate New York and New York City students.

In October, we started to raise the trout that we would soon release in the Susquehanna River. We took care of their water conditions and food supply.

In the beginning of May, we received a letter from our pen pals. Then, we had a trip where we got to meet our pen pals, take a boat tour, and go to the Museum of Natural History. Unfortunately, my pen pal was not there but, I still had a lot of fun.

At the end of May, we went up to Sidney, New York to speak and bond with the Sidney High School students. Yet again, I did not see my pen pal. We went hiking, saw a vary of different animals, and learned more about the Sidney environment! Also, I was one of the (approximately) 15 students that released the trout. I had a wonderful time!

My Haiku:

I see a river,

Vegetation covers it,

It flows with the wind.

Then I remember,

It's where we released the trout,

Memories begin.

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