21 day Furlough

with a million tons assignments

Hey Readers,

i am going to show you what composes my centennial break. i hope that you will be not get bored (as what i experienced) in my stories.

GOING TO GREECE ? must read this first

THESE ARE MY BABIES . reading this while reading , reading, and reading .

WANT TO SEE A piece of heaven ?
(scroll down)

PIATTOS . favorite since birth
sweet part of my life.
OBJECTION ! your Honor

I object to this information (a little bit) . cause i always crave for PIATTOS & FLAT TOPS (isn't it obvious?)

FRESH RAMBUTAN. fresh as first year college
GLENDA (the typhoon) picked some Avocado for me.

Got this fruits from PAMPANGA, PHILIPPINES (ofcourse) . do you know how to eat this ? you will need a CONDENSED MILK for sweetness and a GRANDMA to prepare these for you :D i love my NANAY so much ..


OH MY ! welcome to padrigon's house. what can we do for you sir ? or .......... you are the answer to my starving stomach XD joke


definitely, absolutely, surely the happiest creature on the universe .

consequence or depth of gratitude ?

as my grandma prepared meryienda for me , she told me to fix those dusty stuffs . well i think i did a great job ! (hope so)