Cholesterol is a type of lipid in the body which is responsible for many important functions. A common misconception about cholesterol is that there are two "good" and "bad" types of it. These two "types" are really just carriers for cholesterol and aren't good or bad. The reason it has these carriers is because it is not soluble in blood.


LDL and HDL are the two lipoproteins responsible for carrying cholesterol. LDL carries it in the blood stream which can lead to blockages giving it the name "bad" cholesterol. HDL is responsible for carrying cholesterol to the liver.

Functions of Cholesterol

Cholesterol has many important functions in the body such as synthesizing Vitamin D, allowing the brains synapses to fire correctly, and being the main part of the structure of cell membranes. Getting enough cholesterol is very important for healthy bones and also for mental health.

Foods Containing Cholesterol

Unfortunately, due to the public campaign against cholesterol, many foods that are very healthy are deemed as bad because they contain cholesterol. Such foods include eggs, chicken, seafood, and others.


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