Act 2

Act 2 Mercutio , Kyle Jung, Period 4

There was a rumor that during the night after the party, Romeo actually went to the Capulet's house. Did he actually go to the Capulet's house again? If so, why would he actually go there? Perhaps he might have went there to find Rosaline again. Not again Romeo!.. I am kind of getting sick at how he is doing what he should not do. In the morning, I met Benvolio and we were joking around about girls. Joking around and talking about girl is one of the best entertainment in my life.Later, Romeo joins us while we were talking about the party last night. Suddenly the nurse from the Capulets came to us. Teasing the nurse was so fun and entertaining.What a servant! She is so fat and she is a whore who wears so many clothes that she really looks like as ship. That servant just asked me to give she and Romeo a space to talk together. So  I left the place with Benvolio. I wonder what a nurse, a servant from a Capulet would talk about with Romeo. Did Romeo do something wrong? Is there something that he is hiding from me who is the best friend of him?

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