Protesting Cyber Bullies

Nickolson Nghiem, Nathan Orts, and Daniel Casement

Some people type to release their feelings
Even if the target had no dealings
They do this unknowing
Of the pain they could be causing
The person may not be trying to hurt
But what they say is no less curt
People try to hide behind a screen
So they can release without being seen
If you see someone do this tell them to stop it
even if they don’t know the pain they’re causing

Some people think that words on a screen don't mean much.
So they have the right to be mean.
Those people don't know how much it can hurt,to be receiving those hateful words and the outcomes, unforseen.

They don’t think a bit about what might come
When that message receiver decides to succumb.

With every “Like” button pressed and comment sent,

You give people a taste of who you represent.

So next time you’re online and want to act like a fool,

just keep in mind that cyber bullying’s not cool.

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