Jay Gatsby

BY: Macaela Moore

On in the fall of September 22,1922, Jay Gatsby was found died . It was discovered that the two people who were having an affair were Tom Buchannans and Myrtle ,"Says his bestfriend Nick".  Jay Gatsby was a lovable young man who loved himself some Daisy.  Gatsby always dreamed of the day for him and Daisy to get married and have all the same feelings for each other like they did in the past.  "Says Nick". Gatsby was know for the man who had the livest party in the whole town. "Says Nick and Jordan". Most people say that Gatsby was Bootlicker, a killer, and that he wasn't the person who he said he was.  "Says Tom". Some people say that Gatsby didn't kill Myrtle, they say it was Daisy. Nick says that "One night he was walking home he saw a shadow of a man who was on his dock looking at a green light flashing".

During Gatsby last days on earth he spent with the love of his life Daisy. Daisy says "she wished that they both could be together everyday and not go back to her husband". Nick says that Gatsby had bought his house for him and Daisy so she can have all the things she deceiver". Nick says that "Gatsby had told him the real story about his life , he didn't come from a wealthy family he actually came from a poor family that didn't have anything."Nick says that "Gatsby wasn't his real name he gave that name  to him self after he saved a rich man life that was stranded in the current. Jordan says that "long before Daisy married Tom she got a letter from Gatsby but she didn't know what it said". Gatsby said that "he wrote her a letter to tell her to wait for him until he comes back from service so they can have a family together". Nick says that "Tom never knew about Daisy and Gatsby relationship of five years".

Nick says "one day Gatsby had called him for favor , this favor was for him to go to Daisy house for dinner so Daisy can tell Tom about them". Nick say as they all sit down to the table Gatsby tells Tom about him and Daisy". As Gatsby was talking Daisy began to cry. Nick says that " Gatsby was getting angry because he wanted her to tell Tom that she was in love with him and not Tom". Nick said "after all of the arguing daisy ran out of the hotel room an Gatsby ran after her". Nick say that " they both got in the car and began to drive off fast". "Nick says Gatsby didn't call him at all that day so he figured he should call him." Nick said "he called him but the butler answered and said that I'm sure he will be happy to hear your voice". Most people say as he was trying to get out of the pool he got shot saying the love of his life name. They also say that Tom had snuck in his house an shot him and then shot himself because he felt guilty.

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After talking to Nick about his bestfriend Gatsby, he says that he was a very kind and kind hearted person despite what people talk about.In all that Nick has told us about what happen the few days before Gatsby had before he died. He says that he believes that his cousin Daisy cousin had killed him that morning after he called him. After all the evidence that they found they can't actually say how it really happened. As Gatsby would  say have a good day  old sport.

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