5 Tips to Do Safe Mobile Banking

Banks have been perceived as financial bodies that you would visit frequently to do transactions associated with cash. For any cash withdrawals or transfers, you were required to visit the nearest bank branch.

This scenario changed with the advent of internet. Internet and fast computers brought with themselves online banking solutions. Thus, the need to visit banks was reduced. Now, with the development of 3G mobile networks, mobile banking apps and services have been launched.

Mobile banking is safe, secure, fast, and accessible on the go. Yet, there are vulnerabilities that could put your bank account at risk. Here are five tips to do safe online mobile banking hassle-free.

1> Do not Click on Random links

Most complaints linked with identity thefts are caused by clicking on random links that show shopping offers, discounts, or lotteries. Such practice is known as phishing wherein the computer users are tempted to disclose their banking credentials online. Avoid falling for this trap.

2> Do not use Public Internet Networks

    The mobile network that you use is registered to your handset. Thus, it is said to be secure. However, whenever you use public wireless hotspot, the data you send across the mobile gets monitored. This way, your vital banking information can be sneaked without your knowledge.

3> Avoid Third Party Banking apps

There are several third party apps in the mobile market that help you to track expenses by linking your bank account. However, there is always a risk of information theft linked with such apps. Mitigate such risk by preventing use of these apps.

4> Do not download unwanted Apps

    Certain apps are designed to snatch user data from the mobile handset of users. Make sure that you do not allow any app to access information linked with the banking app.

5> Do not lend your Mobile to Strangers

    Mobile devices are easy to carry around. Similarly, they are also easy to lose or misplace. Thus, they carry a risk of information loss. Keep your mobile with yourself, and do not lend it to strangers.

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