by Haylee Quick Core 4


1. Three activities we did were breath, sit up straight, and relax. We tried breathing because it helped us relax. We tried sitting up straight because it helped us breath better. We tried relaxing because it helped us meditate better instead of getting craps while meditating.

2. I felt like it was going to be really cool because i always heard about meditating but never done it. Also I thought it was going to be tiring. During all the activities I felt really relaxed. While in the activity about the waves I almost went to sleep. I would totally try meditating again because I felt like I was getting rid of all of my thoughts forever. Also it was relaxing.

Mediation- a relaxing feeling while breathing slowly and being comfortable.

Mantra- words you say breathing out like Aum and Ah.

Deep Breathing- breathing in through your nose and out your mouth slowly.

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