• Brazil
  • The Capital of Brazil is Brazilia
  • The major language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese.
  • Brazil is located in South America.
  • Population: 200.4 million.  Average age and life expectancy: 73.28 years


  • 3 major bodies of water in Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, Blue Lake Cave, and Grumari Beach.
  • The top major cities of Brazil are São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador.


  • The average yearly rainfall of Brazil is 1,761 mm.
  • The average tempurature is 72 to 79 °F.


  • Brazil's government works as a presidential system (federal republic).
  • The most common religion worshiped in Brazil is Roman Catholicism.
  • The most popular sport played in Brazil is soccer.
  • Most food is influenced by European, African, and Amerindian cutures.
  • Major ethnic groups: White 47.7%, Black 7.6%, Asian: 1.1%, Mulatto: 43.1%.

Interesting Facts:

  • A very unusual law down in Brazil is that its ILLIGAL to sell watermelons in Rio Claro.
  • A health issue in Brazil is that there is a lot of poverty.
  • The most convenient ways to travel around and explore the tropical rainforest is by road, rail, and water.


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