Created by: Ahunna, Alyssa and Nene

how do sea creatures affect our ecosystems?

essential question: how can we maintain ecosystems while using the fish for a food source?

essential answer: we need the fish population to increase because of the demand for food that most humans rely on for protein  

^^this is a picture of the food chain.

billions of people rely on fish for protein and fishing is the principal livelihood for millions of people. without the food chain our food sources would be limited and many things wouldn't have energy to do many daily things

some sea creatures actually help clean and sanitize the ocean from potential dangers like mold and dirt

Coastal communities are the first to benefit from the different fish species that forage for food in estuaries, marshes, wetlands, mangroves and bay areas.

most living things depend on energy from the sun. sunlight make glow, and plants form the basis of the most food chains for fish.

fish are used for food and food used as energy so it keeps an ecosystems alive. ecosystems performs certain functions that are critically important for organisms.

fish also help certain plants from overgrowing like spirogyra and duckweed, which could be over crowded if not kept maintained

fish also provide food for bears and many other carnivores

so overall fish have a very significant impact that most people don't realize. they help balance food chains, keep there ecosystem up to high standards, and give us energy through food!