The Aztecs

The first Aztecs were uncertain during the 12th century A.D. they began there migration to Mexico. They established into the capital of Tenohtitl├ín which is now called Mexico City. According to there legends the Aztecs arrived in the valley of Mexico City and people drove them into a snake infested region. The Aztecs survived, though they were strengthen by the belief that a sign would come by there god. There god had told them that if they saw a eagle perching on a rock that their journey would end there. For 100 years the Aztecs have built temples, buildings, and houses.  

The Aztecs wore different type of clothes. Their clothes were usually loose fitting and didn't completely cover the body. There clothes were usually made out of cotton (which was imported) or ayate fiber, made from the Maguey Cactus (also called the Century Plant or American Aloe). The Aztec women would weave the fibers into there clothes and they would be taught at a young age.

The Aztecs ate  Maize it was the staple grain of the Aztec empire. Maize has been domesticated for thousands of years,and it was most common use in Mexico. It has been spreading to the rest of the world. Mexico is still one of the most top maize growing countries. Maize can be used to make lots of things like tortillas, tamales and even drinks.  Chocolate is also one of the greatest gifts to the world from Mexico. The word chocolate comes from an Aztec word chocolatl.

The Mexico formed the head of the Aztec empire. They built their capital city of Tenochtitlan where is now Mexico city. The Aztec empire originally formed an alliance with two other cities  called Texcoco and Tlacopan, called the Triple Alliance.  Either way Tenochtitlan eventually became very powerful and stared to conquering other cities. Each state in the empire was ruled by its own government. which followed a number of laws dictated by the Triple Alliance.

The Aztecs believed in a lot of gods they worshipped hundreds of gods and goddesses.  A majority of the gods were agricultural, since there culture relied heavily on farming. There empire was made up of different cultures so they adopted or added many other gods. The major Aztec Gods were, Omecihuatl that represented the primordial forces of nature and duality. Quetzalcoatl was a important deity, since he was the one of created humans. Huitzilopochtli was a warrior sun god. Xipe Totec or can be called the Flayed one was the god of the seasons and all the growing things. And finally Tl├íloc was the god of rain and water.

The aztec warriors wore Ichcahuipilli, a quilted cotton armor. The vests they wore were about 1 or 2 fingers thick and were very light and worked very well in the hot weather. They also wore small round shields called Chimalli. Chimalli were made of wood and twisted fibers. The shields were decorated with feather and designs.

The aztecs usually got there food from mainly from hunting, gathering, and farming. Some of there food was also brought from trade. harvesting insects such as grasshoppers and worms was also how they got there food.

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