Planning For a Long Voyage? Don’t forget To Get Your Travel Insurance!

In this article you’ll discover some important points to remember to be able to get the best voyage deal!

Getting travel insurance is of utmost importance before taking the high road. This is even more essential for frequent travelers. However, are you aware of the things you need to know to get the best deal?

In this article you’ll discover some important points to remember to be able to get the best voyage deal!

Things to remember to get the best value travel insurance:

Consider the worst-

This refers to taking into account the worst-case scenario which may occur during the journey to be secured against all odds.

These odds include everything from Costs for hospitalization costs, theft or loss of any valuable assets, etc.

Doing this you’ll be able to decide on the maximum premium you will be able to pay and get the best deal which satisfies all your requirements.

Make a list and compare-

This refers to making a list of things which you want the travel insurance policy to cover. And then comparing to actual list of policy and analyzing whether all the requirements are covered.

One should ensure certain necessary elements like below to be covered by the insurance plan-

  • Loss of cash and property or damage to property
  • Flight delays and flight cancellations
  • Accidents and illness
  • Any kind of expenses incurred during certain events
  • Potential liabilities
  • Legal costs if you face any kind of legal case abroad or within India

Always remember to read the policy documents of the general insurance company in India from where you buy travel insurance. Ensure all the above things & other necessary elements are covered by your travel insurer.

Did you re-check your current insurance?

This is another step which enables one to select a suitable travel insurance of best value. Always analyze your existing insurance plans for possible coverage options like theft & loss coverage. Doing this, you’ll not have to pay for the already covered options again. Therefore, you’ll get travel insurance plan at cheaper rate

Are you a regular traveler?

Frequent or regular travelers normally have greater frequency of travel. They may travel twice or more in a year. Hence, for such travelers, annual travel insurance is the best option, because-

  • It’s more cost effective as it saves huge money than single trip travel insurance plans.
  • In the latter, you have to pay every time you travel.
  • Annual insurance compensates the traveler for any damages faced during all his yearly trips!

Last but not the least- Esnure the insurer’s validity!

Always buy travel insurance from a valid general insurance company or sole but legitimate travel insurers. Check the insurance company’s history, performance in terms of its offerings and customer reviews to understand and ensure the company’s credibility. Also check and ensure all the specifications regarding any queries you have including cancellation of policy and so on. Engage in “what if” conversations and clear all your doubts.

I hope this easy guide will help you to get the best as per your needs so that you stay relaxed throughout the trip!

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