Summer 2014
       By: Madi Sheldon



This summer I did a lot of thing, including soccer, birthday parties, horse back riding and hanging with friends. Soccer is my favorite sport and the only sport I play. We had to travel to a lot of places to play. We traveled to Oregon, Seattle, and Idaho. For a team bonding time, we went to a Seattle rain pro girls soccer game. While we were in Oregon it was my Bestfriend Emma's birthday. Once I got back from Oregon I rode my horse around our field. I love hanging out with friends! Me, Hadynne, Misty, and Sierra all went swimming in the lake and had a sleepover for Hadynnes birthday. Also this summer, my Bestfriend Aubrey came up from Utah and spent the week with us. This has been the best summer ever.

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3 years ago

Great job Madi. :)