Divisional Chief Executive Officer for EmCare, Inc.

David Tom Grinbergs has worked successfully within the highly competitive field of healthcare for over two decades. He began his career while still receiving his medical training in 1993 by becoming the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of a company called Occupational Physicians Associates located in Omaha, Nebraska. He started, built, and managed this occupations medicine clinic system and expanded it to seven locations in three states. He was able to successfully grow the business to be worth over 20 million dollars before negotiating its merger with RehabVisions, Inc. After completing his medical residency training in surgery, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine, he continued to work for RehabVisions, Inc as the Vice President of Medical Services and Chief Medical Director until 1997. In 1998, he became the Consulting Physician for Northwestern Healthcare System where he was responsible for directing drug testing programs, industrial programs, business development and marketing programs, formulating medical policies, and consulting with client companies for a network of clinics. From then on, David Grinbergs continued to achieve success in high ranking, executive positions with various organizations within the healthcare industry. His training in clinical medicine paired with his business experience ensures success for the foreseeable future.

David Tom Grinbergs has served a number of notable companies within the healthcare industry including TeamHealth, Inc, Athas Health, LLC, Low T Centers, and Alegent Health System. However, one of the most important and influential positions of his career was with EmCare, Inc. At EmCare, Inc, David Tom Grinbergs served as the Divisional Chief Executive Officer where he provided visionary and strategic leadership while directing the momentum for the organizations growth. Due to his work, EmCare, Inc has become of the nation’s largest outsourced emergency department staffing and management services. The company itself generates around 1.2 billion dollars in revenue annually and provides services to over 500 client hospitals.