Cast-in Heater

dpstar designs cast-in heaters of aluminum and bronze for various heating applications in industries, such as Semiconductor and Plastics Processing, Packaging Machinery, Foodservice, Paper Processing, Hot Melt Adhesives, Medical Equipment, Heat Transfer Presses and Textile Manufacturing. dpstar is widely recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing Cast-In heater/coolers for the plastics industry, our capabilities and the application possibilities for utilizing Cast-In Heater Technology extend far beyond the scope of plastics machinery. dpstar also has set industry standards by creating custom designed Cast-In Heaters of every imaginable size, shape and electrical rating that can safely and practically address the diversified requirements of industrial and commercial markets.The cast in heaters are composed of one or more electrical heating elements embedded in an aluminum alloy, brass, bronze, copper-nickel or iron type material with excellent thermal conductivity. For more info visit