Most Expensive Funerals in History

They say don’t store up treasures on earth but treasures in the afterlife. What do we say to those who store up treasures or more proper term is savings for their burial? I guess we can never judge. It will be the last time these people can spend their money for themselves. Sometimes, it is not the person’s will to have a grand funeral but their loved ones. This will be the last time they can pay respect to a friend or relative in a lavish way. Below, I have listed the most expensive funerals in history:

Princess Diana

After the death of a well-loved princess caused by a car crash, people all over the globe are waiting for news about her tragic and sudden death. Despite Princess Diana’s divorce with Prince Charles, she was still given a royal funeral. The cost of the service was estimated to be around five million pounds. That’s a staggering amount of Singapore funeral services.

Pope John Paul II

This past week, the canonization of Pope John Paul II in becoming a saint was celebrated by a lot of Catholics. His funeral was one of the most expensive in the history of Vatican. It was reported that the cost was nine million euros. Despite the funeral being extravagant (which was out of his will), the Pope wished a simple internment. He was buried in a traditional grave below white burial marker indicating the length of his life.

John F. Kennedy

The most shocking death in the United States of America was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The funeral costs four million dollars. Also, a Day of Mourning was set nationally which only required the federal emergency employees to report to work. While there really is not much cost for the funeral, the expense came from the media’s loss. TV networks lost an estimated amount of 40 million dollars because of John F. Kennedy news taking over regular commercials and tv shows.

Ronald Reagan

A death of a president in term in the United States of America will always cost the country huge amount of money. Just like JFK, the expense does not always go to the funeral technically. The cost reach hundreds of millions because of a standard Day of Mourning which only the essential workers come to work. The tax payer bill that day could reach as high as 400 million dollars. I wonder if funeral services Singapore would prepare for a death of their president.

Alexander the Great

If your name has the word Great in it, you should not expect anything less for your funeral. King Alexander the Great’s cost of funeral service Singapore would reach a whopping 600 million dollars if converted to today’s currency. Imagine everything that was used was gold: from the sarcophagus, to shrine and even the transportation.