Anxiety Disorder

There is a estimate 70 million Americans suffering from anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is unknown how people get it. Scientist believe it has something to do with the brain and how it works.Anxiety usually starts in young children and adolescents. More women then men are affected with this disorder.There are all kind of information you can get on the internet and in your library. There are different types of anxiety disorder. You have panic disorder,social anxiety disorder,phobia and just anxiety.The systems of anxiety disorder are feeling of panic,fear,and uneasiness,problems sleeping,cold or sweaty hands or feet,shortness of breath,heart palpitations,not able to stay still or calm,numbness in hands or feet,nausea,muscle tension and dizziness.There is treatment for this disorder. You can be put on medication,psychotherapy,cognitive behavior therapy,dietary and lifestyle change and relaxation therapy.To find out if you have anxiety you need to see a doctor. A doctor will ask you medical history questions and give you a physical.


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