Favorite Season

By:Bremelda Luatasisitutuila Sosoatu

My favorite season smells like burning wood. The smell of pine just fills up the whole house. It also smells like hot chocolate  because people drink a lot of it to keep them warm in my favorite season.

There are red and green lights everywhere and you can hear kids playing outside. Family gathers together to celebrate holidays in this season. You can hear christmas bells ringing and carols being sung.

Eating homemade cookies and drinking hot chocolate are some of my favorite things to do in my favorite season. We also make homemade pumpkin pie and homemade recipe cake. It is a family tradition.

Getting really cold and having to put on a bunch of clothes. I get bored sometimes when I play outside in my backyard in my favorite time of year. It also makes feel really excited.

So the weather in my season is actually really cold and windy. It also snows sometimes or most of the times. Sometimes there can be a blizzard or it will just snow really bad.

People describe my season with the words like,cold,snowy,exciting,boring,awesome,memorable,and unexciting.

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