"Gadgets & Gizmos"

A music teacher's experience

This course has provided me with a plethora of useful resources, some of which I plan to use in the future, and some of which I have already implemented in my classroom.  Among the most notable of tasks accomplished through this Scope course, I have created online flashcards, online quizzes/surveys, PowerPoint review games, translated classroom handouts, and my favorite: I FINALLY published my own website.  My students have already been making great use of my website, which serves as a home base for several of the aforementioned projects I've created along the way, and many additional ones, as well.  

To continue on this creative technological path, my plans for the future include:

- Creating more online flashcards to coincide with all of my curriculum/different units and putting them on my website
- Recording and posting practice tracks on my website for my choir students
- Creating a "NYSSMA Solos" tab on my website that would include audio tracks for at-home practicing, links to professional performances of students' songs, and sight-singing practice (PDFs and audio)
- Posting General Music unit materials on my website (worksheets, rubrics, review sheets, helpful websites, etc)
-Using online surveys to have students vote for songs they'd like to perform in future concerts
-Posting videos/audio recordings of choir concerts to my webpage

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