Athletic Injuries and Preventive Measures


Moe Alzer

Have you ever been curious about your different muscle strains and ligament sprains? Well, I have decided to teach a class to give people more background information. To help with teaching my class, I have been job shadowing with a professional physical therapist, Jeff Beal, in order to teach the class. He has 18+ years of experience in the physical therapy field. My capstone project was about orthopedic conditions, and how they can be treated. Orthopedic injuries are injuries pertaining to the musculoskeletal system. These injuries are extremely common in athletics, and hopefully, I will make a difference in someone's life by helping to increase their athletic performance.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this orthopedics class! After working with a physical therapist, I have realized that I would love to pursue a career in physical therapy. I would love for my class to reach out

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