By Megan Morton

Swallow Falls

How Swallow Falls was founded:

Swallow Falls was founded by Megan Morton on September 7th,2001. She founded the country when she was traveling by herself to El Paso, Texas, and got stranded.  Megan only had a bottle of water, a journal and a can of sardines. She survived on fish for the time she was there, and drank water from a lake that was near by. One day Megan was trying to find her way out of there when she saw a sign that said "2 miles to El Paso." She followed a trail and reached El Paso. She told everyone where she was and they named her the founder of the new country. She called it Swallow Falls.


In Swallow Falls their religion is Christianity. They follow non denominational Christian beliefs. Similar to western culture, they practice the Christian holidays of Christmas, Easter, and even Thanksgiving. Although there dates of practice are different then western cultures. There values of family are like that of the United States.


In swallow Falls they speak many different languages. They speak Spanish, French, Chinese and of course English. Every member from Swallow Falls is multi lingual. As they have integrated their cultures into one society. Children are taught all languages as soon as they can learn to speak.


Swallow Falls is a fishing culture. They catch, package, and sell sardines. Many countries trade with Swallow Falls, as they are renowned for catching and preparing the best sardines in the region. As an island country, they depend on trade with other nations for materials that do not grow on their island. Some of their biggest imports are steel, wood, and skittles.


The currency in Swallow Falls is called Fishos. In swallow falls everyone is a billionaire. They each make Fishos when they sell sardines and also just for living. Fishos come in denomination of million dollar bills. They are similar in paper form so the dollar bill.


In the country of Swallow falls they eat lots and lots of chicken wings. Even though it is a fishing country, they do not eat sardines. For dessert they eat skittles and gelato ice cream. They also like to eat vegetables such as Spinach, Carrots and Brussels sprouts. They drink lots of water or Horchata.


For Swallow Falls they have a very strong government. They have a queen and a king. Every 100 years their is a new king and queen elected. They have the power to do anything to anyone. That is their dictator ship.


Education in Swallow Falls is very important. At the age of 1, every child is required to go to school. If not they will be whipped for how many years they missed. All people that have done pre-k through 12th grade must immediately go to college after. They must attend the University of Swallow Falls.


In swallow Falls it is required for the girls to play volleyball, basketball or track. The guys must play football, baseball or wrestling. When a child turns 5 years old they then get to pick the sport they would like to play and learn how to play it. The most popular sport there is volleyball. Swallow Falls has the best volleyball team in the world.

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