The Decision-Making Model by Chasity Lucas

Step 1: State the situation

An unpopular student invited me to sleep over at her birthday party on Friday night. I also got invited to a boy-girl party that same Friday night. I  hope to have made some friends at the boy-girl party. What should I  do?

Step 2:list the options                Should I go to the not so popular girls party or should I go to the boy-girl popular party?

Step 3: weight the possible outcomes

If I go to the not so popular girl party, then I would not be rude and I might actually have a good time and learn about her.. if I go to the boy-girl party I would make lots of friends but at the same time I might do something I really regret there

Step 4: Consider the Values

I think  it would be right to go the not so popular kids party so I wont be nervous and do something I wouldn't normally do .

Step 5: Make a decision and Act it

When I went to the not-so popular girl's party, she was actually really nice and funny but I guess at school she was too shy to talk but she was really cool. We watched vine and did one together and it turned out to be pretty funny. I am so glad I came over here.

Step 6: Evaluate the decision

I definitely made the right choice. Next time, I'm definitely choosing my new friend.

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