Tackk in the K-12 Classroom!

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Tackk is the newest format to
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Bubble and Pebble Story:

This website is a collaboration between teachers and students. Kindergarten students created the games and the drawings to be animated in order to share the games they were taught in class with other children around the world. The games were used in order to help the children from Istanbul to learn and practice English.  One of the main goals of the teachers that helped to create this web project was to use their students budding knowledge and interest in digital media and online learning and apply it to the classroom setting.  These fun and interactive games teach young children their numbers, colours, shapes, object word association, and much more. I would recommend this website not only for children learning English as their second language but for English speaking Kindergarten students as well.

StoryKit App:

This App available for free download at the apple store for iphones, allows users to create and edit "new" stories from old classics.  The App was created at the University of Maryland and is being used by them to conduct research on how mobile technology is useful to children, teachers, and family members to participate in educational activities. This app allows you to be creative at home, school, or on the go. You can also create an entirely new story, which makes this tool ideal for younger and older grades. Younger grades can experiments with rearranging books to make characters reverse roles or make the beginning the end of the story. Older grades can write their own stories with new characters and plot devices. One of the best ways to learn is by participating in activities, which this app lets the student do.

Journal Jar:

The website link above allows the student or teacher to download the app referred to as Journal Jar. This tool for learning, prompts students with writing topics that they may use for practice exercises.  Every time the student "shake"s the jar, new topics come up. They come in the form of a question, or suggest words to use in the entry. This website would be a great tool for elementary students to have them practice creating longer pieces of writing as well as incorporating more advanced vocabulary. This will set them up for their transition into junior high.


This website allows students to create virtual tours of cities and places around the world.  The site offers a step by step guide to creating a walk through of the area the student has researched. The student can add a voice over for the guided tour by recording their own voice and uploading it to the site.  The guides are created with maps and other points of interest and the user can add photos or text to their guide in order to create a multimedia presentation of their virtual tour. This website would be immensely helpful for social studies students asked to research a country and its capital city, as it could be presented like a power point. Students could use their pre-recorded voices to narrate and add images or photos and additional text to the presentation for more information on the subject. It would not have to be a guide entirely  but an identification of everything important about that city.

My Flash Cards App:

This simple app, also available from the apple store for free on the iphone generates addition and subtraction flash cards for the student to practice with. It can also focus on certain problems that the student appears to have difficulties with, such as subtracting by odd numbers  or dividing by double digits.  While this app is good for practice, I would not necessarily recomend it for use in the classroom. This tool would be better for students to use at home, this is because teachers should focus on teaching students how to complete math problems and deal with their mistakes rather than math drills over and over. Practice does not mean that the student will understand how to complete the problem, especially if they continue to make the same mistakes and end up frustrated and disgruntled with math.

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