Good Logos :  

1 ) I think for the Ben & Jerry's Logo is perfect because it has a part of them in it. It has both of the creators name into in it. They kept it basic and not to fancy which is fine because many people would not get attracted to it if it had to many things on it.

2 )  Everybody is familar with Messenger Logos since everybody has it for facebook to keep contact with there friends and family. This messenger logo is a good logo because its not to fancy and the creators who made it kept it simple which is a good thing.

3)  This Instagram social site is for posting pictures\videos. Everybody is familar with it. The logo is something basic. The logo goes with the social network. It has a camera for to describe the social network. I enjoy this logo because its nice and the way its put togther and also because i use the app alot :p

4) We It's Logo is a simple logo. Its not to fancy and not to plain it has some color into. I like this logo because the way its put together. Its something unique and differnet. Plus the logo goes with its app because they app is for images that you love. Thats why its called We It.

5) The Wingstop Logo we all know everybody is familar with it because its a resturant. The Logo is kind of fancy not to fancy it goes with its name " WINGSTOP" it has wings on the logo. I like this logo because the way its put together and also its favorite wing place :D

                                                                     Bad Logos

1 ) I dislike the JOURNEYS logo because of the way it is. The letters are to close to eachother and it makes it look ugly and also because the font it can difficult for other people to read and it wont grag there attention to it.

2 )  I dislike the HOUSE OF HOOPS logo because of the words the font is to thick. If the fonts were a little bit thinner then it would be perfect but its not. It should also have a little design to it or something not just the name of it.

3 )  The Papa Johns Logo i dislike it but i think it would look better if it had a picture of a pizza on it. It would grab the people attention. Instead of it just having its name.

4)  I dont like the RACK ROOM SHOES logo. I just think its to plain and simple. It should have a shoe design or something. Just the name its self is ugly.

5) I dislike the LINDSEY FOX logo only because of its font style its ugly and you could bearly understand what its saying.

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