The Rake

Most people...don't know anything about a creature...that is bony and has no eyes like slender and long nails that can cut with one touch... this creepypasta is going to be about a creature called... "The Rake" so here's one story I remember.

The urban legend of the rake once said that it took place in a nice family and a daughter. When it was night time the daughter asked his bed "Is their going to be something scary that is going to come for me daddy?" asked the daughter his dad nodded his no. So the daughter slept softly until... the daughters parents hear her scream... When they woke up they saw a creature that was on the bed...... it was just sitting their looking at the wall... the daughters father said. "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US?" The creature said nothing...when the father looked at the creatures hands they were bloody and it showed some strands of the daughters hair. The father noticed that he killed his daughter... when he just noticed that he saw the creature look at him... with that one glimpse he tried to get his musket out but,... it was too late the creature has disapeared