Year 7: Graphic Design

Graphic design can include designing logos, posters, web design, menus, business cards, and much more. Look through these images of graphic design and branding for cafes and restaurants:

In this unit, we will be designing graphics for a cafe or ice cream parlour using a range of digital tools. This will include a logo and a menu, as well as online graphics to help to promote your cafe.

Week 1: Look at the images of cafes below as inspiration, then decide what image you want your imaginary cafe or ice cream parlour to have. It could be minimalist and stylist, cosy, vintage style, modern, traditional, colourful, etc. In Microsoft Word, write down 5-10 words to describe it...

Next, collect as many images as you can from Google to use as inspiration for the overall 'look' of your cafe. Paste the images into Microsoft Word to create a collage or 'mood board'. Click on the button below to see an example of a similar inspiration board on Pinterest - this is Miss Ellis' board for an ice cream parlour.

Extension: If you finish, you can start to think about what you want your cafe or ice cream parlour to sell and start writing a menu. Do not format the text yet - we'll be doing this using different software later.