Slowing Down Time

Week 18

adventures of baby bock

Time is flying! It's hard to believe we have a babe the size of a sweet potato (which seems huge) growing inside of me. The first trimester dragged, each hour felt like a day, each day felt like a week....and you get it. It draggggggeeeddddd. Don't get me wrong, I was so full of joy but my days were also full of feeling super crappy. I couldn't wait to hit the 2nd trimester and be able to share our news, show off a baby bump and finally feel like a human again. Now that we are in our 5th month, time is going by too fast! Be careful what you wish for, huh? We have so much to do and so much to prepare for but Eric keeps telling me that we will get it done. And if not, as long as we have a crib, diapers and a onesie we should survive for a couple weeks. :)

I had a regular OB appointment last week and got to hear Baby Bocks heartbeat and see the sweet potato. Actually he or she was being very sneaky and would not let my doc (who is awesome, btw) find the heartbeat with the doppler. I was slightly panicky for a second but she wheeled in the ultrasound machine, put the wand on my belly and instantly a mini hand appeared on screen and legitimately WAVED. Such a stinker! The heartbeat was strong and right there. I think the babe just wanted to be on tv for a couple minutes and show off.

We have our anatomy scan in 2 weeks, actually 12 days to be exact, and we are so anxious and excited!'s like Christmas excitement (which takes on a whole new meaning this year). We'll have a boy or girl poll through Tackk later this week but in the meantime I am just trying to slow down time, have this babe kick hard enough for Eric to feel him or her and prepare for our whole world to change.

our off-limit food this week