Unit rate

The rate for one unit of a given quantity

How to find unit cost or unit rate with proportions:

# of lemons | Cost $
8 | 3.50
21 | x

Step by Step: First multiply the beginning number of lemons by the variable                        Then multiply the cost of the second number of lemons by the cost of the first cost of lemons Write the ratio then divide and simplify

How to find mph:

Step by step:   

First take your fractions a/b c/d                                                                                   Divide both of them                                                                                                      Write as mixed number

Example Problems: Simplify if possible

1.Janet rides her bike 8/10 mile in 3/4 hours. What is her speed in miles per hour. 2. Robert drives his car 7/10 miles in 2/4 hours. What is his speed in miles per hour.

Finding Unit rate using whole numbers:

The serving size on this label is 4 oz. if there are 14 grams of fat for all servings how much fat is there in 1 serving? To get the answer its simple you put the total amount of fat over the amount of fat per serving then divide. The answer is 3.5 grams of fat per serving.

Example Problems: Round to nearest hundreth

3. If there is 17 total servings in a box of cereal and there's 25 grams of fat total how much grams of fat is there in one serving?

4. If there is 250 grams of fat in 18 servings from a box of pancake mix how much grams of fat are there in one serving?


1. 1 1/15

2. 1 2/5

3. 1.47

4. 15.60

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