ok so i have not been on for a while sue me, but i have been on youtube for the past few days watching fluffle puff on my parents laptop of course because they blocked youtube on my school laptop which really sucks its like we are bad peeps for real... dont make any comments. so here are some pictures of fluffle puff and the other one is chryssiliss i dont know if i spelt that right... oh well.

in the last one where she was like a tall pony she shape shifted some how so yeah. in this one these on the picture are a bunch of villians and twilight sparkle who is the purple unicorn is twilight sparkle and she and her friends had defeated them in other episodes and FYI fluffle puff videos on youtube is fan made so it is not really in any episodes.

oh if you were confused when the fluffy unicorn also known as fluffle puff was a unicorn in that episode the answer she woke up and made a unicorn horn out of paper so you just need to look up PFUDOR on youtube its really awesome

so my brother had seen this photo and he said this was totally me and my sister is really scared sense i share a room with her so its actually really funny

this is my home screen no joke

chrysaliss is on the left and fluffle puff is on the right they are both drawn as characters would have been drawn in the movie i have no intention of seeing equstria girls but they were never in the movie so they made a video of them being the main characters and as if they were in a high school movie thing.

i showed my brother the video for this and when he had seen fluffle puff fall he said that it was totally me and that i am almost exactly like fluffle puff.

this would be me trying to be a ninja but i would end up falling

and this is my lock screen FYI if you watch all of her videos this is one of the really funny ones its "let me drive my van into your heart fluffle puff"

thats it for now bye