Dickens's Dictionary

                                                       ALEXA LONGSTAFF

Morose: (adj.) gloomy or unhappy         

-The morose color of the sky hinted that a storm was coming.

Repentance: (n.) sincere guilt/regret

  - Someone showing repentance will most likely be forgiven.

Purported: (v.) to falsely pretend to be (or to do) something

   - The boy purported to be Harry Potter

Prattling: (v.) to ramble or talk for a long time

     - The girl was prattling for an hour about her trip to zoo.

Substratum: (n.) the foundation or bottom layer of something

     -The papers were placed on a substratum of books.

Deferentially: (adverb) showing respect and courtesy

    -The students always behaved deferentially around the teacher.

Incorrigible: (adj.) (a person or their habits) impossible to correct; hopeless

     - The children's behavior was incorrigible.

Chaise: (n.) a type of horse-drawn carriage that usually has an open top and can fit one or two people.

     -The girl sat in the chaise with her father.

Chaff: (n.) - pieces of hay and/or straw (from corn or other plants with seeds)                                     - junk/trash

   -The floor of the barn was covered in chaff.

Vehemence: (n.) displaying intensity/strong feeling; force

        - The marathon runner leaped across the finish line with surprising vehemence.

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