country: Brazil

capital: Brasilia

major language: Portuguese

location: South America

population: 200.4 million

Some of the world's second longest river, the largest rain forest, and a huge plateau that leads to one of the world's longest coastlines. major cities such as Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and, Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil has 1,761 inches of rainfall a year. The annual average temperature in the region is 72 to 79 °F temperatures of more than 100 °F are frequently recorded during the dry season between May and November.

Foods to try in Brazil Barbecued meat, Moqueca, Cachaça and, Pão de queijo are just some of the foods. Some of their holidays are Carnival Saturday, May Day, and Lovers Day. Brazil major sport is soccer.

Some Brazilian states have a law that forbids the use of helmets and, Brazilian municipalities have a law that forbids the use of cellphones inside banking agenciesare only some of the weird laws they have. Green symbolic of Brazil's lush fields and forests. Its primary feature is a large yellow diamond, symbolic of Brazil's wealth in gold, and in its center floats a blue celestial globe. And one of Brazil's animals the Toco Toucan is an animal typical of the Brazilian savannas.

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