Redskins breaking downwashington game plan

By: James Dudko

the main ideas of this article is how colt McCoy won't be able to play without a little help from Jay Gruden this week. Because McCoy has been taken down six timesby the COLTS in week 13.

Something from article: speaking of pressure Redskins defensive boss Jim Haslett should be under a fair mount of that after last weeks horror show.

Why I chose this line from the article because the coach shouldn't be be pressing pure pressure on his players he should be cheering them on so they can at least try to do good in the game.

TEXT-to-self: I hate when my mom puts pressure on me because you never know what I might do if I might just do what she doesn't want me to do.

How does it relate: it relates to the one we watched on Tuesday because it's about the Redskins and what they can't do and what they can do.

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3 years ago

Well done.