Ecosystem Portfolio

Aquatic Ecosystems

Abiotic and Biotic Factors of a Aquatic Ecosystem

Abiotic:Light availability , Depth , Stratifictian , Temperature , Currents and Tides

Biotic: Competition , Predation , Symbiosis , Decompisition  , Disease

Resources Needed in a Population

The number or quantity of people or things that can be conveyed or held by a vehicle or container

Sources needed for survival:Lakes , Streams , Estruaries , Oceans

Some biomes or land formations etc. change because of decompisition  or just changes in the enviroment or a new animal moves to it and destroys it

Predator Prey Relationships

The enviromental factor that is of predominant importance in restricking the size of a population

Sharks eat other kind of sharks to make sure they dont over populate the area

Barracuda are the predator to many smaller fish who are the prey

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