How Australians View Americans From The Documentary Super-size Me

Americans are known to be the fattest country in the world. It’s no secret, but what the documentary Super-size Me, Morgan Spurlock not only explains that America is the fattest country in the world but he also explains that Americans might as well be the dumbest. Their values and attitudes are very different to our Australian values and attitudes so we tend to view things differently. Spurlock presented Americans in a way that we interpreted with our Australian context. A scene in the documentary has an American family trying to speak an oath of their country. After many attempts they could not finish the oath. But when Spurlock asked if they knew the Burger King theme one of the ladies blurted it out in almost one breath. She knew the Burger King theme off by heart and not the oath of her country. Australian’s interpret this scene as Americans valuing their food more than their country. In the same scene the documentary is conveying the group of American’s to be dumb and childish, not to mention disrespectful and immature.

Another scene within the film was with young primary school students of the ages of around 6. Spurlock gave the students a task. He would show them a picture of an american hero or a well known famous person. The children did not know who Jesus Christ was. Spurlock presented them Ronald McDonald. Guess what... They knew who he was but not Jesus Christ. They should know who Jesus Christ is! I know many people who aren't religious but c'mon now. It comes down to stupidity if you do not know who Jesus is. The parents of these children are responsible.  They must be extremely lazy if they don't even want to teach their child about religion or just general faith. They should learn about faith.

What the documentary shows us is that Americans are fat but the sad thing is their new generation is following in their foot steps. Who would've thought that being obese would affect the children. There is a very high chance that american parents are overweight and obese but because of their obesity they are lazy and because of their laziness their children won't grow up learning the most basic things.

Australians have different values and we are interpreting this scene in our own way. What we think of this particular scene is disgusting and outrageously disappointing. We think this because we value our children. We value our children' education and health. Our attitudes are turned to look after the new generation so that they can grow up to be the best future we can have. Americans as seen in this film are shown to have the opposite values to Australians.

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