By: Ben Thompson and JP Hefner

What parts of the world are most vulnerable to your assigned hazard?

Southeast Asia, Oceania, Latin America, Indochina

Why there? What physical and human processes have increased the vulnerability of those locations?

Prevailing winds, weather patterns, mountains, cold fronts and the jet stream

What are the costs of life and property?

2.5-3.7 million people died in china, or it can be as little as none. Destroyed homes, ruined lives. Billions of dollars worth of damage can be done.

How did people in vulnerable locations adapt to the threat and prepare for the event?

Diversion canals, dams, weirs, sea walls, evacuation routes, sand bags and flood warnings.

Give us one interesting fact about your assigned natural hazard.

Flash floods can bring walls of water from 10-20 feet high.

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