The Simple Machines


A screw is an incline plane wrapped around a cylinder.  Guitar tuners,  boat propellers, and jar lids are all screws.

Formula: ma= pi x Diameter/lead of screw thread


a wedge is something used to put int between something and split it. Some wedges are axes, door stoppers, and the back of a hammer.

Formula= ma=length/width

Inclined Plane

An inclined plane a flat surface pointing in a slanted direction. Types of inclined planes are ramps, slides, and tracks.

Formula= MA= length/Height

Wheel and axle

a wheel and axle is A simple machine with two wheels attached with a metal rod. Some examples are car wheels, skateboard wheels, and weights.

MA= W^r/a^r


a pulley is a simple machine that uses weight to help lift things.  Some examples are a fishing pole, A bell, and a fishing net system.

MA= 2n


Levers are a solid material that rotate around a fulcrum. There are 3 types of leverS: class1, class 2, class 3.

A seesaw is a type of class 1 lever. A wheelbarrow is a type of class 2 lever. A Type of class 3 lever are tweezers.

MA= d(1)/d(2)

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