T.R.F Airsoft Field

Tactical Recon Force

T.R.F field is still under construction.

Our Airsoft field is probably like 1 of 3 in the whole state of West Virginia. Our field is going to be for pro play when it is fully complete. Which means different people from different places will come. As of now it is just for public play which means anyone from the county or surrounding county's can play.

The field has been worked on for about 5 years now. We have built it up then teared it down for new improvements and etc. The field is about 110 yards long. This field is for capture the flag, team death-match, and death-match. We also use a nearby hill for king of the hill and other game types. There is no bunkers on this hill just have to use your surroundings. The field will start new construction on February 27th. We are sure the field will be done the 2nd week of July. We also have a Airsoft team too, Which Kyle Stemple's page is about. The field will be open Saturday though Sunday from 10am till 7 pm.   

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