Sodium Chloride


Sodium Chloride In Action

I am quite a saline friend, though only two elements make me. Sodium, A.K.A. Na, has a part in my creation while chlorine produces the other part of what is me, now I am sodium chloride. You may also recognize me as salt, table salt, etc. I may not be straight from the periodic table, but parts of me are. I have been the cause of war, used as money, and I am still considered a universal symbol of hospitality. I am a great preservative, yours truly may be adored in many places, but I can be a salty fellow. I add a divine taste to a vast quantity of dishes and may cure several troubles. I have more than 14,000 uses, and most of me in the United States goes to make other substances, such as chlorine, sodium carbonate, and hydrochloric acid. You may ask why I am so essential, but I am crucial for your human life. I maintain your necessities for heartbeat management, muscle movement, and nerve function, but if you eat too much of me I can cause everyone worldwide who consumes too much of me terrible pain. My main positions are the two elements by the name of sodium and chlorine , NaCl, they make up my formula. I am like an equation. Made up of matter made up of different parts. We are all within each other. A particle is the smallest piece of me that is still sodium chloride. Broken down further is a molecule, which is made of atoms. I may be a hero, I may be a villain, but either way I am essential and pack a punch.

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