Come Down To The Inca Empire

Unless, of course, you live below us!

Hello there, people of the world! I have a great place to live for you, The Inca Empire! It stretches the length of the Andes, giving you a lot of space to move around. It also has the best city in the world, Cuzco!

Andes Mountains

Some aspects of the Inca Empire are the allyu groups. These are groups that lived together and worked together.

People had to pay taxes to the Sapa Inca. They also had to do duty taxes, like going to work to build temples.

People regularly give sacrifice to Inti the sun god, and agriculture. These sacrifices usually are corn, but sometimes in dire need, they use humans. No need to worry, though! They only sacrificed children or orphans. Make sure you don't bring any of those!

Sadly, if you don't join them, they'll have to conquer you. When they do so, they'll force you  to build temples, accept their gods as the most powerful, and sometimes you might have to move.