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You are here to talk about gobies, and more of the easy ones, the not hard to find ones, and the ones who after are done being bought, will not be able to see through your wallet. We will start with some inexpensive Acropora gobies, then move on to the Shrimp Gobies. The overview of the species gives an outline of the species basic outline.

Acropora Gobies

Acropora gobies are a good gobies to start out with in a marine reef tank because they are inexpensive, peaceful, and easy to take care of. Do not get a acropora goby if you are planning to get or have dottybacks, hawkfishes, or aggressive wrasses. Acropora gobies will certainly enjoy acropora corals and clean off old mucus, but are not necessary on there survival. Vice versa,  Acropora corals do not need these gobies, but are more likely to thrive with them. These gobies do not live with a pistol shrimps.

Citron Goby
(Gobiodon citrinus)

One of the marine tank favorites for decades, this goby is small and not very active, often perching and watching their enviroment. Citron gobies tend to perch on corals or live rock, and are generally not shy unless there are aggressive fish in the tank or were just introduced to the aquarium. Lemon gobies only reach up to about 2 inches or 5 centimeters. The recommended tank size for a  Citron (Lemon) goby is five gallons (or 19 approx. liters) at least.

Caption: Citron Goby sitting on a pink acropora coral.

Black Acropora Goby
(Gobiodon strangulatus)

Sometimes over looked by beginning aquarists that are more attracted by brightly colored or more active fish, black gobies are actually very good aquarium inhabitants. similar to the Lemon Goby, they will live in Acropora Coral, and reach a size of 1 1/2 inches. The minimum tank size for the Black Acropora Goby is 5 gallons. Their diet in the aquarium is brine shrimp, frozen mysis shrimp and  finely chopped table shrimp. Make sure the table shrimp are not seasoned or smoked.

Caption: A school of Black Gobies underneath some  Acropora coral skeleton

More information on other gobies coming soon.

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